Who am I?

My story

As a student I’ve always been interested in photography and I’ve constantly attempted to take better and better photos. I was trying to capture the beauty and magic around me whenever I was traveling or visiting new places. Gradually, my love for photography grew into a hobby, and in time into a profession. 

After half a dozen years spent working in local government and administration I’ve decided it is time for me to do the thing I love the most - taking pictures and capturing moments. 

So here I am, almost 40 and eager to capture your special moments and turn them into treasured memories for years to come. 

If you happen to need a photographer, feel free to give me a call.


My mission

With every click of the shutter, I am devoted to weaving the narrative of your story in timeless images. I strive to encapsulate the unique essence of each subject, telling stories that resonate and endure. As a photographer, my mission is to capture the essence of your special day, preserving the beauty, emotion, and magic that make your day truly unforgettable. 

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